How to Become a Member

We invite and encourage broad spread participation in our fellowship, worship and ministries.  Those who want to identify with us at a deeper level may request membership in one of the following ways:

1.  Profession of faith and request for baptism
     This is for those who have never personally acknowledged their faith in Christ as Lord or who have not experienced baptism as a believer.

2.  Transfer of Letter
     This is for those who are members of another Baptist church, having been baptized as a confessing believer in Jesus Christ as Lord.

3.  Statement of faith
     This is for those who may be members of a church from another tradition or denomination but who confess their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and state that they have been baptized as a believer.

4.  Watchcare
      This is for those who may be living temporarily in our community and desire to identify with us as a member without forfeiting membership in his/her home church.

We only baptize those who are of an age and state of mind to understand and articulate their personal acceptance of Jesus as Lord.  We baptize by immersion unless there is some physical limitation that would preclude the safe practice of immersion.

Any of our ministers would be happy to talk with you about becoming a member of our congregation.  Please feel free to call or email with your questions or to set up an appointment.

First Baptist Church (910) 592-8124